About the Author

Beginning in 1974, Richard J. Kelley has had a lifelong involvement with the development of solar energy.

Richard Kelley

In 1988, Kelley formed United Solar Technologies. His 28,800-square-foot solar field at Tehachapi Prison, installed in 1990, has displaced more than 18 million pounds of carbon. The field still generates the cheapest energy from any source in California. Kelley also developed a 14-foot solar concentrator capable of supplying the energy needs of a family of four. He designed and drives a solar-powered electric car.

Kelley was born in Seattle in 1945. He earned a law degree from the University of Washington, after studying history at Whitman College, and entered private practice in 1970. From 1970 until 2001, he handled some of the largest lawsuits in the United States, including shutting down the infamous OK Boys Ranch in Olympia, WA. That 9-year lawsuit involved the revelation of widespread physical and sexual abuse of children, and ultimately lead the state to revamp its entire childcare system.

For the past 15 years, Kelley has been designing and constructing a private rental home in Ixtapa, Mexico, named The Sand Castle. “I wanted to be an architect,” Kelley says, “but chose law instread. The Sand Castle (view photos) has given me an opportunity to live out a long-lost dream.” It was recently chosen by HomeAway as one of the 10 most unique vacation homes in the world out of more than 100,000 reviewed.

Deathstroke is Richard Kelley’s first novel. Reach Richard by E-mail or on Facebook.