Fear, Damage, and Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President

Please stop using the “C” word: Catastrophe.

I’m very serious.  While such a hyperbolic word may be useful in drumming up support for the stimulus package, it (and other words like it) run the very real risk of unleashing the “F” word:  Fear.

Everything that has taken place to this point in time can be characterized as true concern — -our country, indeed, the entire world, is having to swallow the bitter medicine of our own reckless behavior.  By and large, people are still acting rationally.  They are pulling back on their spending (which is understandable in this climate), and otherwise acting out of concern, even wariness.  But not unbridled fear.

What we have not seen yet is panic.  History has taught us that events like those taking place today contain the very real potential to literally explode into a most irrational (and uncontrollable) tsunami of fear.  Ask Franklin Roosevelt — -by the time he got to where you are, the horse had left the barn (straight through the side wall).  If that happens again, Mr. President, then you’re really going to have a mess on your hands.  Fear creates its own severe and complete disaster — -far more pervasive than the damage caused by the factors which give birth to it.

So, Mr. President, please be very careful in choosing your words.  I fear that you are jabbing the balloon with a pin.



PS:  For an historical review of what I am talking about please see “Fear, Damage, and Big Ben Rothlisberger” at http://deathstroke.net/?p=169.

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