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Where the Gorgoth Lives

Friday, September 26th, 2008

To all readers of Deathstroke!  You have to check this link:  New York Times Style Magazine.  I know that many of you have read the book and tried to visualize the Olympic National Park — -the home of the Gorgoth.  Well, the New York Times now makes it easy.  Their pictures of the Olympic Rain Forest are fantastic.  I have hiked there throughout my life, and the Times photos truly capture the wonder of that magic land.  The article directs you to the Lake Quinalt Lodge, my favorite place to stay in the rain forest.  In fact, a great deal of Deathstroke was written at the Lodge (it was written in 3 locations:  the Lodge, Iron Springs Resort on the ocean, and at Pacifica Resort in Ixtapa, Mexico).  There is an incredible trail directly across the street form the Lodge that breaks into 3 segments (one is 1.5 miles, one is 5 miles and the last is a bit more 5+ miles).  The trails are breathtaking (the photos show that lush foliage, but don’t allow you to breathe in menthol-fresh air).  And you have to stand at the base of a 250 foot tall cedar to truly experience what the planet was like before we showed up.  It’s simply a must if you ever visit Washington state. 

And for you readers, now do you understand why it is so hard to go in after a Gorgoth?